CLICK HERE: How I create my Art - the 5 steps explained

Whilst I'm working on my latest collection for my Artist Residency I thought I would share an insight into how I create my particular type of reductive art.

Reductive art describes an artistic style that has the following characteristics:
- Emphasised clarity
- Simplification
- Reduction of forms
- Streamlined compositions
- Primary shapes
- Restricted colour

The starting point for the images I create are my research photographs (my equivalent of using a sketchbook). I take both close up and more general shots to ensure I've captured the key elements for the piece I am creating.

All of my art is created using a PC (it's a myth that all artists use Macs !) Instead of an easel, paintbrushes and reference sketches I have my PC, creative software and my photographs.

The collection I am currently working on is entitled 'Seafront to Back'.
My objective is to create a series of images that convey the work that goes on behind the scenes of Bournemouth’s seafront, inspiring visitors to view the seafront experience in a different way.

These steps show how I created the piece 'Ice Dreams' based around the Prom Cafe on the Pier Approach in Bournemouth.

Step 1 - Research the subject(s)
I take a series of photographs of the subject:

Step 2 - Develop the colour palette.
Depending on the subject this can take some time to pull together, especially if I've chosen to use 'non-naturalistic' colours (eg I decide to use yellow for the sky instead of blue)

Step 3
Using one or more of my research photographs I start the reductive process by blocking out unwanted detail. I will often increase the size of the 'digital canvas' that I have on screen to give me more space to work.

Step 4
Using pre-meditated ideas about how I want the final image to look I work on the key elements of the piece using my chosen colours. In this step I have introduced the Ice Creams as 'Ice Dreams'; visitors to the coast have a strong connection between relaxing holidays and sweet treats.

Step 5
Adding the details and finishing touches is the exciting part as this is when I get to see if what I created matches the image I had in my head !

I hope this gives you some insight into my creative processes; click here to see the completed image : Final Image